Advanced processing and case management for complex government claims


Government claim schemes are often by their nature complex. Claims must be assessed, processed, and paid out if approved, and cases can last the lifetime of the beneficiary and involve many different types of service providers and stakeholders. In response to this complexity, one agency determined that they needed a sophisticated case management system with specialised functionality to serve a variety of teams, stakeholders, providers and clients.

Complex Needs

Coordinating the long-term treatment, care and support for clients (members of the public) is a complex undertaking for this government agency; and one that requires managing cases that involve a myriad of third-party providers and stakeholders.  Liaising with the client and their legal representative, product and service providers, financial providers and even educational institutions, the management of a case is complex and can literally last a lifetime.  

They turned to Procensol to deliver and support this system, which, with continuous improvement and an agile approach to problem solving, resulting in streamlined processes, reduced costs, better reporting, and increased client satisfaction.  

Working with representatives of the agency’s various divisions to understand their business needs in detail, Procensol developed demonstrations and proofs of concept to ensure that the diverse objectives were met. Procensol then developed a client-centric case management system for key liaison officers and other stakeholders.

Better Stakeholder Outcomes

Most importantly, the benefits of cost-effectiveness, improved reporting and more efficient business processes add up to a better experience for the clients of the government agency. Improved response times, more coordinated stakeholder responses and better-informed decisions mean that a client can expect the best possible outcomes.

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