4-week free pilot of Transform2 - choose a real business problem and solve it quickly

The need for Intelligent Automation has never been more apparent than in 2020.  With the current and future impact on our economy as a result of Coronavirus we fast tracked the launch of Transform2 in Australia and we’re making a free 4-week pilot available to our Australian customers so that you can quickly realise the benefits of Intelligent Automation on essential business processes.

Transform2 – delivering true Intelligent Automation quickly and affordably. We’ve combined the world’s leading low code enterprise automation, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation platforms with our expert services into one affordable bundle.

Intelligently automate your selected business process in just 4-weeks!

Small issues that were once de-prioritised, like that sub optimal process in your finance department, may have suddenly become a critical pain point for the entire organisation. The paper process that can no longer function with remote working is causing massive backlogs and resulting in unhappy customers.

The challenge we all face is fast tracking the automation and digital transformation of critical processes and ways of working.  Our response must be fast and flexible yet robust and scalable.  If you are experiencing business continuity issues, are dealing with new risks or are lucky enough to be presented with new opportunities then Procensol Transform2 will deliver you a flexible, scalable, enterprise grade Intelligent Automation solution. We combine a world class low code automation platform, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to deliver a cloud-based Intelligent Automation solution designed to deliver your business outcome, fast.

Do you want to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovation capacity of your organisation?  

Then work with us to to identify processes in your business which will benefit both in the long term and short term and we’ll get you going on a free 4-week pilot specifically tailored for your business. Together, let’s strengthen your organisation's digital resilience. 

Here are a few examples of what Transform2 can deliver:

Synch Information

Turn ‘fake views’ into a single view of the information across your entire business


Create frictionless client and employee onboarding

Payroll and Acc

Seamlessly manage payroll and accounting functions


Automate and resolve ALL exceptions in ANY operational area of your business

Get access to the free 4 week Transform2 Pilot now

"With Procensol Transform2 we can deploy an end-to-end, flexible, scalable, enterprise grade Intelligent Automation solution within a few weeks. Using a combination of a world class low code platform, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence we can deliver a cloud-based, remotely accessible, solution designed to deliver your business outcome. And best of all, you can see it in action in your business with our free 4-week pilot."

Dan Cooke

Managing Director, Procensol Australia

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