Making Your Business Resilient: Navigating your way through uncertainty to a brighter future

COVID-19 has changed the daily focus of so many of our organisations. The need to rapidly respond to emerging threats and risks as well as opportunities has never been greater. With forecasts of significant disruption to the workforce through ill health and economic consequence, organisations must identify risks and put appropriate controls in place to minimise the disruption and maximise the protection of their team members.

Our low-code partner Appian has released a COVID-19 management application that is free to existing customers and to new customers over 1000 people, including hosting. Being a low code platform, Appian was able to bring the application to market quickly and at scale, with over 100 major companies a day implementing the solution.

In addition to the free app from Appian, Procensol Australia is offering free professional services assistance to obtain, configure, or demonstrate the free Appian COVID-19 application. We’ll do this for our existing customers and any new customers who are interested in taking advantage of this offer.

Proactively manage the health and safety of your employees.

Command Center

Command Center

View the central command center to track the health status, location, travel history, and any COVID-19 employee incident details. Review data by geography, departments, growth rates, and more. Post company health-related policies and share links to useful sites.



A simple, intuitive app for employees to report their work status, COVID-19 related exposures, and review COVID-19 company policies and news. Easily accessible on the web or on any mobile device.



Strengthen your workforce community in this time of need with employee peer-to-peer support. Easily match employee volunteers with coworkers in need of assistance — delivering groceries, offering a ride, or helping with children home.

Free Appian COVID-19 Response Management Application Professional Services Assistance

Is the Appian app and professional services offered by Procensol Australia really entirely free without any commitment?

Yes. The Appian COVID-19 Response Management application is provided at no-cost for any private or public organization of 1000 employees or more. Appian customers also get no-cost access. The offer includes unlimited users and unlimited usage of the application for six months. There are no associated startup costs, hidden fees, etc.

Why is Procensol Australia offering this?

We are in the middle of a global crisis and digital systems are becoming more important than ever. As focus shifts to ensuring the safety of our family and friends, and also the survival of our businesses, we continue to support our international community of partners and clients in the battle against Covid-19.

We do this through providing best-in-class technology and uninterrupted service to the organisations that need it most. This is our humanitarian effort during this pandemic. 

What if the size of my organisation is small?

Fill in form above and our team will get in contact with you for more information. We are keen to journey with you through implementing a solution that works for your organisation. 

Will my organisation's data be securely handled and stored?
Absolutely yes. Appian will store your data on a HIPAA-compliant cloud to ensure that any potentially sensitive data is protected. Appian and Procensol Australia will not have access to your data.