Onboarding teams and relationship managers often struggle with fragmented processes and the inability to adapt quickly to changing regulations and business strategies. This limits the ability of financial services businesses to onboard clients in a timely manner, negatively impacts client experience and delays time to revenue.
The solution is simple: a modern, AI-augmented onboarding solution that increases speed to market and provides business-friendly control over the entire onboarding process.

Transform institutional onboarding with intelligent automation

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Institutional onboarding reimagined

    Our Appian-powered Institutional Onboarding solutions deliver maximum speed and efficiency.

Key benefits are below:

Achieve speed, simplicity and cost savings with Procensol’s Appian services

We helped a leading financial services business to streamline onboarding for several hundred types of work.

This increase in efficiency has allowed for thousands more clients to be onboarded with less friction, with a fee value of over £100 million and counting.

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Onboard faster. Manage exceptions. Reduce compliance overhead.

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