Planning for the aftermath of a global disruption

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Disruption fatigue may be real. Many rounds of organisational change, digital transformation, and restructure may have caused many organisations to automatically react to a global disruption like the pandemic with fear and caution. Government agencies are not immune to this reaction. However, if anything can be learned from past economic crises it is this – one must not “waste the crisis” but respond with leadership and purpose.

Intelligent Automation – it’s more than just technology. Unlike many technologies that come with a high cost of entry, Intelligent Automation allows for a lower-cost start to an automation journey, gradually scaling up operations with sustainable benefits. Done right, Intelligent Automation significantly enhances an organisation’s ability to digitally transform, reduce risk, increase productivity, and augment capability of their current staff, and accelerate their processes to do more.

In this paper we help affirm that Intelligent Automation is not optional, rather, it is a necessity given current global disruption. Next, we provide you with a framework for how to plan for an Intelligent Automation investment and implementation effectively and sustainably. Finally, we discuss the ethical considerations around the adoption of Intelligent Automation.